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Design Process

Foley & Stinnette’s design process includes all or some of the following steps based on what each individual project requires:


Initial Consultation and Meeting


Meet with client(s) to walk through space.  Virtual visits/meetings via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc., also available.


Discuss desired goal of project, vision, likes and dislikes, budget, etc.


Define Scope of Work and Agreement


Create a 2-page agreement that defines the scope of work as discussed in previous meetings, lists steps necessary to achieve the desired outcome of the project, and sets a one-time design fee (our one-time design fee based on the scope of work to be done covers all of the labor that is put into sourcing, creating your presentation, preparing all budgets and executing all work to be done up to and beyond final installation day.)


The agreement is signed by client, and returned to Foley & Stinnette along with the design fee.


Creation of Presentation and Inventory


Site visits for measurements and photos of space (unless current blueprints are available.)


Meetings with contractors and/or any laborers to be used during project to prepare estimates for work to be done.


Drafting and layout of project space, including any elevations if needed.


Sourcing and pricing of all items needed (fabrics, furniture, flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, counter tops, appliances, fixtures, etc.)


Prepare decorative and contracting budgets.


Presentation of Project


Meet with client to present finished design concept (1 - 3 hours.)


Review all items and materials (decorative and contracting) needed to complete project.


Detailed review of individual contracting estimates, along with decorative budget, listed room by room. 


Discuss revisions to be made, if any.


Approval of proposed contracting work to be completed and proposed decorative items by client in the form of paid deposit to begin work.


Execution of Project


Deposits received and purchase order placed for all approved decorative items.


Deposits paid to contractors to place the work schedule.


Confirm work to be done with contractors, including any changes made during presentation.


Track and follow status of all orders for decorative items.


Oversee all contracting work from beginning to end, meetings with contractors, reviewing plans/work, and take care of any issues and answer any questions that arise.


Delivery and Installation


As contracting work comes to an end and all decorative items are ready, Foley & Stinnette will schedule the receiving warehouse to deliver all decorative items to the space, setting everything into place and dressing all spaces creating a finished result.  Depending on scope of project, this process can be between 1-3 days.


Project Reveal


Meet with client for a walkthrough of space to reveal completed project!


Follow Up


Foley & Stinnette will check in with client a few days after Project Reveal to discuss anything that may need to be addressed and to begin punch lists if needed.

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