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Our Design Team

Dann Foley President

Since 1988 Dann has been designing Interior Lifestyles for his clients, and to this day Dann still believes, “It’s not about how much stuff you acquire, it’s about living with meaning, comfort and authenticity.”


Creating beautiful, sophisticated and livable interiors that reflect the families that live in them. This has been the mission and goal of this design firm. Dann states, “We deliver homes on time, on budget and we always exceed our clients expectations, just ask them!”

One of Dann’s favorite client quotes is: “I am going to give you exactly what you ask for but, in a way you never dreamed possible.” And he finishes with, “It is my job to take all of your dreams and desires for the perfect home and then remove the blinders to open up the vision you have for yourself and your family.

We don’t take on clients based on their budget or their square footage, we want to first make sure we like each other because our service is intimate, we get involved in your life, this is what it takes to create perfect interiors that reflect who you are.”


Televisions shows like NBC’s American Dream Builders and Showtime’s The Real L Word have proven Dann to be as entertaining as he is inspiring. Besides television and personal appearances, Dann continues to work for clients throughout North America and Asia as he designs multiple home and lifestyle products with his licensing partners.

Dann believes “There are no problems, only solutions.” He has a passion for living well and teaches his clients how to do the same through great design and making the right choices. He doesn’t leave until the job is finished with precision.

Dann brings the same enthusiasm, vigor and style to all of his projects, be it an interior design project for a room, a home, or the design of an entire product line.

If you would like view Dann's products, both past and present, please use the link below:


Beau Stinnette -  Principal Designer & Co-Owner

Beau Stinnette considers himself lucky to have landed in the world of design. He has made a career by channeling his masculine design aesthetic on behalf of his residential and commercial clients. “I have always had a clear awareness about the relationship between positive and negative spaces and the power of combining that with a masculine sense of design,” says the designer who has become well known for designing spaces that inspire authentic connection. Stinnette’s belief that design should be a creative and collaborative journey for both the professional and the client was just one of the reasons he was voted Best Interior Design in the Ultimate Pride Contest by readers of The Desert Sun. 

A well-designed space opens the door to new experiences.” –Beau Stinnette 

Stinnette is Principal Designer and Co-Owner of Foley & Stinnette, working in partnership with Dann Foley.

He credits Foley’s mentorship with broadening his perspective in design and technical expertise. Since 2002, the duo has overseen some of the valley’s most photographed projects.

Beau Stinnette 2024.jpg

Along the way, Stinnette has built a reputation for delivering looks that are inviting, comfortable, and well thought out. He explains, “I believe that a well-designed room keeps the eyes engaged and the conversation interesting.” 

Stinnette believes that spending any amount of money on creating a space you love should be exciting, which is part of the reason his full roster of clients are quick to refer him. He oversees the implementation of every project’s budget. His design partner, Dann Foley explains,  “Beau is that rare crossover in our business, possessing talent in equal parts design and finance. This has been key to earning our clients respect, as well as repeat business.” 

Home is a story told visually. Everything that surrounds you should tell your story in an authentic manner.” 

Stinnette works with clients to develop a collection of objects, furnishings, and fabrics that express their true selves. He brings that same process to commercial projects, as seen in Foley & Stinnette’s recent design collaboration with Liz Ostoich, co-owner of the widely popular Palm Springs restaurant Taq/Quilla.

Beau Stinnette has a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused on Business Administration and Management, from the University of Connecticut.

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