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American Dream Builders Comes to Palm Springs

Apr 5, 2014

Last Sunday (03/30/14) was the second episode of NBC’s American Dream Builders. This episode was actually filmed last October in Palm Springs over in the Racquet Club Estates neighborhood on Star Road.

Many of DANN’s friends live here in Palm Springs, and one of them – Lorrie Etchason – wanted to put together a viewing party for this episode and the ones to follow. Lorrie contacted the owner of Smokin’ Burgers over in the Rimrock shopping center because it’s a sports bar, meaning they have more than a few large flat screens! Hughy, the owner of the bar, was thrilled to host the event and even went out and bought one more flat screen for the patio where the DANN party was held.

DANN and I had a commitment with the American Cancer Society Sunday night for their 100-years celebration, so we decided with Lorrie to put up a Facebook page earlier in the week for the DANN party and not let on that he was going to show up at Smokin’ Burgers himself! DANN arrived about halfway through the episode.There were 30+ people on the Smokin’ Burgers patio watching the show, and when DANN walked up from behind and said to the crowd, “What are you all watching?” the group roared and cheered for him! It was so much fun and a great surprise to all of the DANNFANNs to have him there in the flesh!!

Not only were DANNs friends filling the patio, there was also media coverage from the Desert Sun and the local NBC affiliate KMIR, and as the cameras began rolling and the flashes began popping I said to DANN, “Here you go with your own paparazzi!”

Throughout the hour, whenever DANN was on screen the group would cheer and laugh along with DANN in front of and beside them – DANN was everywhere you looked! LOL

The Palm Springs group had a great time watching the episode take place in their iconic hometown along with their favorite designer DANN, who made them proud with his ultra-sleek kitchen remodel and his comfortable and inviting backyard makeover. DANN really shinned again in American Dream Builders episode 2 and the crowd that gathered for DANN and burgers all wanted to know one thing: when does Elaine go home?!?! DANN smiled and said, “Keep tuning in, it gets better.”

The American Dream Builders viewing party at Smokin’ Burgers will continue in Palm Springs each Sunday at 7:30 for the next 8 weeks, even when DANN is traveling. These are some smokin’ hot DANNFANNs!! Stay tuned!

And to really keep up with DANN in person, check him out this weekend at these High Point Market design events!

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