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DANN Does High Point

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Apr 4, 2014

Have you heard all the DANN buzz lately? Next stop, High Point Market!!

Dann has been seen by millions recently on NBC’s American Dream Builders as one of twelve designers competing to be the best of the best (very exciting), and here at DANNInc in Palm Springs, CA, we are packing bags, booking flights, confirming DANN appearances, and getting ready for a whirlwind DANN tour for the Home Furnishings Market next week!!

DANN can first be seen Saturday, 2:00 pm at the Wildcat Territory launch party for DANN’s handsome and well-tailored drapery and bedding line. The mix of patterns and textures is masculine, rich, and layered like only DANN can do! WCT has really produced a fun event, complete with French wine and cheeses to enjoy.

Next stop: that same day you can find DANN at the Phillips Collection at 4:00 launching his new line of wall art and very cool accessories! Then, stick around for the industry mixer with PC – this is a great opportunity to connect with industry muscle and find out how it’s done!

Sunday is a big day that begins with DANN’s party at Skyline Designs showroom in IHFC’s InterHall. DANN has been designing for Skyline for two years, and they really know how to showcase DANN’s talents and designs – plus, they’ll be throwing a fun party with a great spread in case you need some sustenance to keep going!

After Skyline follow DANN to over to Loloi Rugs at 5:30 where they are celebrating their 10th anniversary with music and beverages and while you are there mixing take a look at DANN’s exciting Palm Springs Rug Collection.

DANN’s next stop is American Dream Builders viewing party at 7:00 pm, with DANN and Erinn V sponsored by Quickstep at the GJ Styles Firehouse Showroom!! Come and party with the stars of ADB and find out what the chemistry is really like between these two rockstar designers! I spent a Sunday with them, and I can tell you firsthand that there is a lot going on there! Don’t miss episode 3, and then get the dirt on what you didn’t see on the flat screen!

Monday doesn’t slow down for DANN! With all the buzz and commotion from ADB, DANN is a star, and IMC knows this because they have brought DANN in to speak at 3:30 about his experience going from interior design with social media, to product licensing, then to parlaying all of this into becoming a primetime, major network reality TV star! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to find out the ins and outs of how DANN has done it!!

After the IMC presentation, follow DANN back over to the Loloi showroom at 4:45 for DANN’s Loloi launch party, where you can preview the line and find out about DANN’s inspiration behind his iconic “Palm Springs” Loloi Rug Collection!

Whew! What a week this will be for DANN and the rest of us here at DANNInc. See you there!! And be sure to look out for tomorrow’s details on how you can keep up with DANN all through this season of ADB!

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