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Dann Foley on Interior Design, Success and Hard Work

Originally Appeared on To the Trade Radio

Podcast available on

Today on the show I have guest Dann Foley and we’re talking about what it takes to build a successful interior design business and brand. Dann shares his story from his early days through his recent appearance on NBC’s American Dream Builder and the launch of his new product lines.

Here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • Discuss the importance of hard work and being prepared for opportunities

  • Talk about his early years in design and the lessons he learned by building relationships

  • Discuss the current state of the industry and some of the things he hopes to she shifting

  • Talk about his new ventures in licensing and product development

  • and much, much more…

About Dann Foley

DANN is world-renowned residential and commercial/hospitality designer. His design projects are showcased in major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  He received his formal training at Drexel University, Nesbitt College of Design Arts, in Philadelphia, PA. 

DANN’s senses of style and fashion have been identified as rich, comfortable, exclusive, and approachable. DANN’s style is classic, yet modern with a breath of fresh air and timeless beauty.  Layering patterns, textures, finishes and color to create intimate, unique décor to entertain the eyes of satisfied clients. Fans & followers enjoy DANN’s vast wisdom and whit online and he was recently seen on TV with Nate Berkus for NBC’s American Dream Builders. His expertise is shared daily before a global audience that is ever expanding as DANN puts his brand forward in the world of licensing with Skyline Designs, Loloi Rugs, The Phillips Collection, Wildcat Territory and Bedford Cottage Kennebunk Home.

DANN believes “there are no problems, only solutions.” He has a passion for living well and he teaches his clients how to do the same through great design, simplifying, and purging the unnecessary. He doesn’t leave until the job is finished with precision. DANN lives to please through comfort, style, and timeless fashion. 

During each phase of a project, from initial concept and design development through final details, DANN distinguishes his work through rigorous attention to detail, high quality standards and follow-through. 

For the last two decades, DANN’s company, DANNInc. has offered it’s client’s complete lifestyle design with turn-key service that keep them coming back time after time, project after project. Some have been known to buy additional properties for a chance to work with DANN again. 

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