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How To Create a Lowe’s Kitchen in a Box

May 1, 2014

In episode 2 of American Dream Builders we were given a mid-century modern home in Palm Springs, California to renovate and decorate.  I was asked by Lukas, our team leader that week to take on the kitchen.  I was thrilled because part of the challenge is to take readily available materials to create something fresh that anyone can achieve.

As in every challenge, we are given access to the full product lines of Lowe’s.  The cabinets are from Shenandoah Cabinets (also available through Lowe’s).  The counter and backsplash material is all Silestone (from Lowe’s, once again).

First things first. In this home it was important to keep the lines and materials clean to be in keeping with the architectural style of the home. I removed a wall between the kitchen and living space to open up both rooms and to afford views from directions.   This also gave me the space I wanted for a large prep and eating island.

The really big decision I made was to eliminate the upper cabinets in the back of the kitchen.  It made for a cleaner view from the living space and brought the eye up to the clerestory windows with views of the mountains beyond.  Part of doing so was my decision to use the same white Silestone slab counters in a slab backsplash that reached as high as the upper windows.  What a dramatic effect!

Even the professional style pull down faucet came right off the shelf from Lowe’s and adds another layer of detail that is eye catching and functional.  The Samsung appliances from Lowe’s are all beautiful stainless steel and keep the clean contemporary design on track.

The thing I hope that most people take note of is, how they can go to Lowe’s and look at the handsome kitchen displays and go through the hundreds of cabinet options and look at them from a different point of view.  Eliminate cabinets, blend different styles and finishes, use the same slab on the counters in your backsplash, choose an unusual faucet or vent hood to add visual interest, those pieces don’t have to “match” your other pieces or appliances.  And this can be achieved in both modern and traditional kitchens and baths.

Adding personality and originality in your kitchen is as important as any other room in your home.  You can do that by hiring professionals like me or, you can also do it yourself with just a bit of creativity and the people at Lowe’s!

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