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Is Dann American Dream Builder’s Reality TV Villain?!

Feb 26, 2014

Let me just start by saying how excited all of us are that after more than two years of waiting, hoping, and planning, that Dann is finally being shown in commercials for American Dream Builders on NBC.

Dann was out of our office for more than three months while he was filming, and believe me, it was not easy here without him! Needless to say we are thrilled that he has returned and we are so excited about what’s to come out of this experience.

But… (yes there’s a but!) when these commercials began airing I honestly got worried that the editing team had found their villain! Every reality show has one, and even though Dann is in no way a villain in real life, they could still make him look like it.

And I wasn’t the only one who thought that.  Dann’s PR and Online Manager said she knew as soon as she saw the commercials that she had some “spring cleaning” to do. But as she says, “Dann is like a box of chocolates – maybe you never know what you’re going to get, but if you love chocolate, you know you’re going to get something you’ll love!” So we’re both hoping to show America both sides of Dann’s very energetic and sometimes unpredictable coin.

Josh, Dann’s assistant saw things a little differently, though. When he saw Dann shouting and pointing his finger like an angry parent, he said he knew the public was in for a treat! He has a point, though – the important thing is that ADB viewers will get to experience the man we get to experience firsthand. More people than ever will get to see Dann’s passion, determination, and – most importantly – his talent for not just design, but living well.

Nobody knows Dann better than I do, and he is so much more than what has been shown in these commercials. My hope still remains that these are just the teasers that are selling personality for season one of ADB and that Dann’s charm will be equally showcased along with his immense talent, great humor, and good looks.

We’re always consistently blown away every time we get to see the “reveal” once a project is finished, and that’s what people will come away from the show with. So regardless, we’re extremely excited for the show’s airing in March. We here at DANN Inc want America to fall in love with the Dann that we know and love!!!



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