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Originally posted on June 20, 2014 DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Dann Foley Lifestyle

There’s something about Designer Dann Foley. I felt like we hit it off as soon as we met at High Point Market this past Spring and that I had a friend for life.  His magnetic and energetic personality is compelling and any client would be lucky to work with him!  The world got a glimpse of his charisma and talent on the Nate Berkus’ reality hit show American Dream Builder. He was awesome on the show and I got to hear some behind the scene stories from him too. Sorry, I don’t kiss and tell….

Kim Salter of DesignThoughts, Dann Foley, Beau Stinnette and me at High Point Market 2014

World-renowned for residential and commercial/ hospitality design, Dann is unique and so are his collections: Phillips accessory collection, Loloi rug collection and Skyline Outdoor furniture collection are all fresh and sophisticated.

Phillips collection Broken Egg wall art

Phillips Collection, a leading manufacturer of high end contemporary and creative furnishings launched Foley’s broken Egg wall spheres. I right away fell in love with their organic form and craftsmanship. My face was almost inside the egg when Dann’s marketing agent Christi came over to me and asked me if I liked the design? Embarrassed as I pulled away but I got to meet Dann! Each egg is different and makes a great focal wall for any space.

Dann brought his modern eye to outdoor rugs for his Palm springs collection for Loloi, a family owned rug company. These striped patterns and bright colors are as dynamic as Dann’s personality.

Skyline chair: Hancock Chair Inspired by Southern California outdoor living, Dann designed a luxury outdoor furniture collection for Skyline design. I really liked his collection. The scale of the furniture is bigger than anything I have seen on the market. I can attest to its comfort as I sat in his Hancock chair. Designer Dann’s message is clear which is to consciously choose to live well in comfort and sophistication. I’m excited to share an interview with Dann Foley today:


I am known for my use of color and layering of pattern.  My signature style is truly unique to each client.  I create interiors that are meant to look layered, collected & timeless, not decorated.

WHAT IN DESIGN FIRES YOU UP I get jazzed by unique products.  They don’t have to be the most expensive, they just have to speak to me.  As well as fabric, fabric, fabric!  I LOVE working with fabric!

Skyline: Hollywood Collection

GOALS YOU SET TO START YOUR DESIGN LINES  I did not want to just lend my name to products.  I wanted to actually design them and I refused to allow anything that I didn’t love go into production.

Loloi: Palm Spring Collection

ANY CHALLENGES WHILE DEVELOPING YOUR LINES  Design is challenge.  I wanted to create products that I loved and wanted to have in my own home and at the same time, they still needed to be appealing to everyone.  I believe I found that sweet spot!

LESSONS LEARNED ON YOUR AMERICAN DREAM BUILDERS EXPERIENCE  LOL where do I begin?  I loved my time on ADB and I would not trade the experience for the world!  I have not a single regret and I left inspired by my incredibly talented teammates.  Their individual abilities and expertise has made me a better designer and image some lifelong friends.

American Dream Builder - room designed by Foley

BIGGEST DESIGN IMPACTFor me in my own design business, technology has the biggest impact.  From flat screen TV’s to smart houses they have changed not only the way we live but, the way we decorate.

American Dream Builder – room designed by Foley

MOST IMPACTFUL SPACE THAT INSPIRES YOUIf I am to choose only one inspiration I would have to say that old movies are my greatest influence.  From rooms, to stylish living, to product development, I am constantly inspired by great old films from Hollywood’s golden age.  With today’s technology I can do research anywhere I have my tablet.  MGM films are my go-to pleasure and first choice for inspiration.


Do what I know to be right.  When I am under the gun or feeling stressed about any decision in a project, my business partner, Beau always says, “you know what’s right, just do that.”  That advice has never once failed me.

Thank you Dann for the wonderful interview!

You can connect with Dann Foley on his

IMAGE CREDITS: Beau Stinnette +Maria Todd Kumlander

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