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Pre-Loved in Palm Springs

Preloved items, or known simply as resale, has been a part of the Palm Springs home experience for decades.  I really cannot think of another city with as many resale shops per capita then in the Coachella Valley.  As with other resort towns, many, if not most, homes are sold furnished.  Many of those items end up in resale shops as the new owners create their own design.  Because of that, we have a plethora of well stocked emporiums for treasure hunters.


In some cases, a few of the shops even sell new merchandise mixed in with the resale items.  What is interesting to me as a designer is that the mix can create a visual merchandising moment that is most like the experience of an actual home.  By mixing in those new purchases with found items (known as preloved in the resale biz), you create a truer sense of personal style.  Many times, in these pages I have waxed poetic about, “telling your story through your choices”, our resale stores are actually showing us how. 


The first question is always the same, “where do I start?”  Well, when it comes to utilizing resale stores to invigorate your own style, I can offer some tips to make your next adventure with preloved home items more fruitful.


  • My first piece of advice is to always stay open to the possibilities.  It is rarely triumphant when you go out in search of, that one single piece.  

  • Resellers in particular sell a wide variety of styles and merchandise.  Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the variety of styles all in one place. Imagine the possibilities.

  • Unlike traditional retail stores, you can find new merchandise on a daily basis in our local resale stores.  If you are unsuccessful in today’s search, tomorrow is a whole new day.

  • The resale store can also sell the items for you that you wish to change out so, you can offset your new purchases by shedding the old in the same location.


If you are looking for a resale opportunity, that carries both new and preloved merchandise, there is no better place than Revivals.  With 4 locations throughout the Valley, the Palm Springs store can truthfully be called the most visited and shopped home store we have to offer.  This is not only an amazing resale store, with an entire section of new home furnishings but, where all net proceeds go to DAP Health.  You can find preloved and new treasures for you and home and do good at the same time.


The reason I mention Revivals is because, there happens to be an incredible opportunity for you see, experience and buy Dann Foley Lifestyle products in the Dann Foley Lifestyle x Revivals Pop-Up store.  The shop will open for 60 days starting on Saturday, February 24th, so you still have plenty of time.  As a designer it is thrilling to be able to showcase our firms signature style.  In our new Pop-Up shop we get to create living breathing vignettes that speak the essence of “mixing it up”.


We discuss with our clients the importance of personalizing their homes.  We encourage free thinking and living with the things that you love.  I will sometimes remind clients that a design style is not a blueprint, it is a thought, a style that should be integrated with your life, not copied verbatim.  True style is not a theme. Themes are for children’s birthday parties.  At the risk of using a much-overused term, “authentic living” is not caring what is en-vogue or the latest trend, it is truly about making yourself happy. Only you, without care or deference to others.  This does not mean that nothing matters, because it does matter.  A home is supposed to make you happy, make you feel safe, enthralled, relaxed, nostalgic, proud…and all those other buzz words that simply put, means telling your story, on your terms.  You can admire and incorporate the latest colors, shapes, fabrics and other things of the moment but, at its core your home is your castle, your oasis.  Here are some examples to help you make those (sometimes tough) decisions.


  • Buying and living with the things that you love takes more effort than the easy convenient choice.  But the rewards are unmeasurable.

  • When searching for anything for your home, the first and last question should always be, “does this make me happy”.

  • Resale stores are a great source of both the here and now of style and the past.  Every home can be enlivened with preloved items of any style or era.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Always be selective.  Remember this is about you and your home. 

  • Editing is both an action and a way of curating one’s collections, rooms, and home.

  • When buying something preloved, know that you can alter an item to suit you.  Go ahead and change that color, the shape of the shade, the fabric on the chair, paint that frame, add hand detailing.  Just because it is vintage or antique does not make it sacrosanct. Interfering with given styling may be exactly what you need, and what makes you the happiest.


I want you to think for yourself.  I don’t want your family and friends to walk into your home and say, “oh yes, I’ve seen that” or “my friend has the same one”.  The very best compliment I can receive as someone’s designer, after the unveiling, is for friends of the client to say, “oh my, this is so YOU”.  Believe me they will get around to asking, who is your decorator?


Live Well!


Designer Dann

Foley & Stinnette Interior Design

Designer Dann: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest & Houzz



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