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Design hints on how to change your bathroom and kitchen

Feb 24, 2016

The national craze for home makeover programs shows no sign of letting up.  The problem is that these shows fail to give the viewer a true sense to both time and budget. So, as usual, I am here to share some design tips and show you where you can save money by avoiding some common pitfalls.

By avoiding the common products and looking beyond the easy answers you can create beautiful spaces that reflect your personality and be cost effective.  Let’s get started…


My preference is always for white. It is timeless, classic and clean. It can be traditional or contemporary.

  • One of my favorites is the white and grey marble basket weave at Home Depot.

I always choose gooseneck faucets for the vanity. Their height makes it easier to wash your face and brush your teeth.

  • A great source is Huge selection, Discount prices and free shipping!

I prefer a bathroom sink to be rectangular and deep. They create less splash on the counter and mirror.

  • Try Kohler online. Also Lowe’s and Home Depot.

The height of a vanity is best at counter height of 36″.

  • There are many ready-made vanities with marble or granite tips ready to take home from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Drawers! As many as possible in the bathroom vanity.

  • Do a Google search and see just how many with drawers can be delivered right to your home.

For pure luxury, I add outlets to the back of drawers to keep appliance plugged in and ready to go.

  • No more tangled cords or digging out your hair dryer from under the cabinet.


Single bowl sink! It’s my biggest peeve in new construction. A kitchen sink should be wide and deep, big enough to wash a roasting pan or serving tray.

  • A gooseneck faucet is mandatory! That goes for a spray as well.  It can be a “pull down” or a separate spray nozzle; either way they make clean up easier and filing pots and flower vases a snap.

  • I prefer wood flooring for the kitchen because it easier on the legs when cooking and standing for long periods. It is also more forgiving when you drop breakables.

  • Lighting is paramount in any kitchen. Under cabinet lights, can lights, pendant lights, natural lighting. The combination of any or all of these elements creates the prefect work space.

  • For cooking the duel fuel range is your best choice. A gas cooktop for boiling and sautéing and an electric oven for even baking and roasting.

For pure luxury, nothing beats the pot filler spigot. Filling or topping off a large pot on the range top without having to lift it out of the sink is the stuff of Top Chef!

I promise to continue this discussion and take you beyond the kitchen and bathroom in the months ahead. My goal is widen your vision, bring out your creativity and help you to live better, today!



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