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Personalizing Your Home

May 17, 2016

Tell your story, show your interests

I would venture to say that most people’s idea of decorating is linked to a certain style that they feel drawn to.

Though Identifying the look you would like to live with is important, all too often it becomes “themed” decorating which loses any sense of the individual. When a client says to me I want a French country farmhouse, a Tuscan villa or a midcentury ranch, I use that as a point of reference.

What is most important to beautiful, lasting décor is a sense of who lives there. It is your personality, your interests that should come through. I am here to help you avoid the easy pitfall of theme decorating. My wish for you is that your home tell your story and do it in a way that is beautiful, inviting, comfortable, and lasting.

In this modern world even our retail choices have become homogenized and limited. Every store seems to sell the same or similar products. The internet offers the whole of the global marketplace at our finger tips.

So where do we begin? You must know by now that I am here to offer you some telling tips and timely tricks to get the job done! I like to say, “it’s all in the mix.”

Now lets find the right mix for you…

Define Your Style

  • This is easier than you think. You don’t need furniture catalogs or magazines. Start at home. What interests you? What do you collect? What do you surround yourself with that makes you happy?

  • Bring those things that you love/collect together in one place. You create visual impact by displaying like pieces together and that tells a story.

  • Head into the closet! What colors do you love to wear? This tells me volumes about my client. Do you like pattern or are you more of a solid person? Your wardrobe can be a very telling place when figuring it all out.

Focus on You

  • Listen to what your head is telling you. If it feels right to you then it probably is! In other words, your home is more than just the sum of stuff.

  • If those around you are having trouble defining your style… you are on the right track. Make it personal!

  • Family photos are the perfect accessory, just remember to mix it up with beloved items that tell us who you are as well.

Finding the Right “Stuff”

  • Do what I do. Don’t start at the big name home stores. Use them to finish off your decorating. Go for the unique and meaningful.

  • Only buy what you love. This is really important. The price does not matter. The feeling a piece gives you is what matters. If you are drawn to it, it is probably a good choice.  Try and to help you focus.

  • When using the Internet, I find it most inspiring when I go down below the first half dozen sites that pop-up on your browser. That is when the selection starts getting interesting!

Your home should be a reflection of you. It should always be changing and evolving but, with the right foundation of well thought out, quality pieces your rooms can always be a perfect reflection of you as a person.

Live Well!

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