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Dann’s Vendor Secrets Revealed

Sep 17, 2010

It has been a little over a month since my appearance on the Real L Word….and there are so many people I want to thank for helping to make the dining room transformation happen.

When I got the call to appear on the show there was one issue, the deadline! I somehow had to pull off a drop-dead gorgeous dining room (no problem for me!)… in 6 weeks (are you kidding me!?). I took a great big gulp and said, “Sure, no problem.” The only way to do custom furniture, draperies, fabric, lighting, etc. in that amount of time is with incredible vendors and suppliers. These sources are the lifeblood of any great designer. I have always been very fortunate, I have the best clients and the best vendors. It makes my job and life infinitely more enjoyable!

Below are a list of the vendors/suppliers who helped me to look good on tv, while making my clients so very happy. Nikki & Jill were thrilled and I am so very proud and grateful.

J. Alexander (Dining Room Table)

Draperies by Design (Window Treatments)

Winfield Design (Custom Wallpaper)

Kasmir Fabrics (This one should be pretty self-evident,huh?)

Stout Brothers Fabrics (Ditto)

Gali Art (Custom Window Hardware)

Global Views (Accessories)

Designmaster (Hostess Chairs)

Cyan Design (Living Room Chandelier)

Tozai (Accessories)

Draperies by Walter (Drapery Installation)

Jesse Hernandez Wallcoverings (Wallpaper Installation)

The Padded Wagon (Storage & Delivery)

Be sure to check back with me over the next week or so as I blog about each vendor individually. Since most of the companies listed only sell to the design trade, I want to show you what they did for Nikki & Jill and then, help you to find retailers that carry their merchandise!

Have a great weekend!

Live Well!


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