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Travel & Lifestyle: Living With Curiosity and Creativity

Over the years I have enjoyed sharing with you my thoughts and experiences with travel and how it inspires me in my work and in my life.  Exploration through travel, be it near or far, both fuels and quenches that feeling of yearning.  But, what do we do with those memories, those experiences, those life changing moments?


We travel to learn and the byproduct of that experience is understanding, an understanding of the world around us and ourselves.  One cannot help but be permanently altered, when putting oneself in a position to experience life in a different way from the norm. 


Let’s bring that idea home. Let’s make it more personal.  I have shared my thoughts and ideas for using those mementos of your travel in your home.  I have offered many tips and tricks for displaying and sharing the things and places that have enriched your life by voyaging out.  What does it really mean to live a life well-traveled?  For starters, it does not have to mean a great deal of money.  As I mentioned earlier, it is not about how far you can physically travel but, how far you can allow yourself and your curious, creative mind can wander.


We all have access to travel channels, blogs, books, videos. For me, the first step in decided on my next adventure is research.  Working with clients to help them discover themselves through their choices and how they live, is the same approach I take with myself.  There has never been an easier time to explore and understand different ideas, styles and cultures, than right now. 


Though it can often times be daunting and even a little bit scary to realize just how different each corner of the world can be, it should also ignite your curiosity to find the similarities in our communal experience and understand what unites us.  It is through the cross sections and intersections that we find the commonalities in humanity.  This is that moment when I, as a creative person, find my bliss and help others to find theirs.


The focus for me is not about constantly looking for the diametric opposite of who and what I am but, those places when I may find a totally new style in the mix.  Traveling through other countries where the old, if not ancient worlds are blended with the modern brings me both a sense of loss and beauty.  The cultures and languages may vary but, the sense of creativity, attraction and charm are undeniable.


My own experience with the allure of travel started very early in my life.  I like to joke that I come from a family of nomads.  Both my parents and grandparents were great travelers and explorers. I learned from a young age how travel can enhance my life. I watched as their own experiences changed their perspectives and our homes.  I saw how the smallest of details can tell a story and how the bigger picture shaped both my wonder and my own desire to travel.  It is in those details, the bits and pieces, that inspires personalized and meaningful design.


At the end of the day, it is the story you tell of who you are, that matters.  Getting caught up in the latest trend is a losing game. Your home should not be about playing catchup with what the retail world tells you, you should have to be fashionable.  Decorating themes are for parties, not your home.  Be original, be bold, dare to tell people who you are. 


For me, the very best design is timeless. That does not mean being stuck in the past, it means to be confident enough to make decisions that make only you happy.  Those are the lasting choices. Times and trends come and go but, you are an original, remember that.  I ask you to believe me when I say, you do not need the approval of others to judge whether or not you are stylish.  What matters is how you feel about your spaces and your home.  It is not always easy to let go of what other people might think.  The reward is in the knowing and contentment you achieve from living a life that is truly authentic and personal.  Others will be drawn to you for your ability to express yourself in your own unique way.  Their admiration will be derived from your honesty and openness and it will be inspirational to all.


As always, I wish you heath, happiness and comfort in your homes.


Live Well!


Designer Dann

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