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Episode 054: Dann Foley

Apr 23, 2016

Dann Foley and His LifeStyle Brand

For more than 25 years Dann Foley has built a reputation for great style, taste and quality through his namesake firm DANN Inc. He began working on his own as an extra credit project his senior year of school at Drexel University, Nesbitt College of Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has honed his craft with clients across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

After years of creating custom items for client’s homes, the Dann Foley Lifestyle brand was a natural extension of those efforts. It brings a unique global perspective to his designs through years of international clientele, extensive travel and a passion for all things beautiful. For Dann the idea of home goes well beyond the acquiring of the things, it is a desire to share his idea of “Living Well” with everyone he meets.

Dann Foley has used the Lifestyle Design approach when creating residences, commercial properties, products, styling and special event design. A favorite motto of his is, any style, anywhere, at any time. He delivers what people ask for but in a way they dreamed possible and do it all with what everyone seems to refer to as his boundless energy and infectious laughter.

From the start he envisioned the Dann Foley Liflestyle (DFL) brand to be high style with his signature 3 A’s of Design… Accessible, Available and Affordable. The DFL licensing program was never meant to be just a name on a label. He designs every product himself. Yet, he still considers each license a partnership between the manufacturer and me. The process is a true design collaboration involving all phases from the factory to marketing, to ensure he offers a product that is well made, accessible and beautiful. He has never wanted to create product for a lofty few to sing my praises, He creates product that will appeal to buyers and consumers alike.

Dann Foley has always recognized the power of television as the most useful tool in marketing my work and my brand. Shows like NBC’s American Dream Builders and Showtime’s The Real L Word have given him the opportunity to prove to that he can entertain and inspire viewers about the “Dann Brand.”

In the only 18 months since the Dann Foley Lifestyle licensing programs officially launched (which coincided with the premier of American Dream Builders) Dann Foley has garnered both industry attention and record sales of some of his products, earning him 5 Platinum and Gold ADEX, Excellence in Design Awards, a Pinnacle Award nomination and, his most coveted nomination to date, the ARTS Award nomination in the product design category.

On the heals of these introductions and flattering awards/nominations, he is about to launch his largest product line to date along side his first permanent showroom for Dann Foley Lifestyle at the Dallas Market Center. This will mark the first time a designers licensing program is brought together under one roof and merchandised as full lifestyle brand presentation. With the launch of more that 300 SKU’s of soft goods and leather accessories for the home Dann Foley Lifestyle is poised to become the next BIG brand.

By combining style, sophistication and his 3 A’s of product design Dann Foley is offering buyers and consumers alike more than just product, he is offering them a chance to create their own personalized style. His newest bedding lines are a perfect example of how a buyer/consumer can purchase his perfectly curated and coordinated looks for the bed or create their own look by combining his many exclusive patterns, colors and textures into their perfect haven. Dann is also offering dozens of decorative pillows and shams from the simple to elaborate and gorgeous drapery panels to round out the look for the bedroom or any room of the home.

For more than twenty-five years Dann Foley has rigorously kept his focus on client satisfaction through uncompromising service. Dann brings this same work ethic to the DANN FOLEY LIFESTYLE product lines. He is committed to giving people the opportunity to live better, more beautiful and more meaningful lives through the products they live with. People don’t need more things they just need better choices.

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