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Going Green!

Mar 16, 2011

It’s almost St. Patty’s Day and green is everywhere! Spring is alive and blooming here in Southern California and it has me thinking about anything green. Not just eco-friendly green but, literally the color green!

Green is one of the most asked for and beloved shades in the rainbow. It can almost be called universally appealing and flattering. There are as many shades of green in a palette are there are in nature and I cannot think of a one that I don’t like! From deep forest green to the ever popular, sage to the palest shade of celadon, green is fabulous!!

The newest shades of green for the season are being called “Pear” and “lemongrass”. Both are truly gorgeous colors. Pear is really a softer version of chartreuse, less acid and more warmth. While lemongrass is a beautiful yellow/green. Think of the coat and dress Mrs. Obama wore for the inauguration…. sophisticated and warm, like the woman herself.

The latest shade of green making a BIG comeback is, avocado green! Remember all those avocado green and harvest gold appliances of the seventies!? I think both the Brady and Partridge families may have had them! LOL. In this reincarnation, avocado green is richer, more akin to the flesh of a kiwi, if you ask me. The latest products being shown at many of the industry shows I attend around the U.S. include a great deal of avocado leather… and it is glorious!

While the old Forest Green has gone deeper and richer and I am calling it Versaille. It’s that green that is so deep it can be mistaken for black. Use this green on window frames and mullions to create a gorgeous European appearance to your windows. Or, paint that tired outdoor furniture in this deep color and give it new life! Keep a lookout, if I am seeing these shades of green at the buyers shows now, you will be seeing them on the shelves of your favorite design stores and showrooms very soon!

Pear is the new Chartreuse

Kelly is the new Avocado

Lemongrass is the new Sage

Versailles is the new Forest

Live Well!


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