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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar 16, 2011

Growing up, I recall St. Patty’s Day being such fun! My brother’s and sister and I would come home from school and our mother would have Irish soda bread and scones fresh from the oven and shamrock sugar cookies waiting for our after school snack… YUM! The fact that those scones were served with homemade preserves was a cause of great envy in our neighborhood! LOL. We would sit down to a family dinner of cornbeef and cabbage with boiled potatoes. My father would come in from work just in time for dinner with presents for all fo us, as his way of celebrating our Irish Heritage Day. It was a grand holiday in our household!

The truth is…I love any excuse to celebrate, share, cook, invite friends & family over. “Living Well”, shouldn’t be relegated to holidays and special occasions. Spring has sprung in Southern California and is on it’s way to your town too! I cannot think of a better reason to celebrate. Don’t wait until Easter or the end of Passover to celebrate. Celebrations don’t have to be huge, overblown extravaganzas. Baking a tray of cookies or scones can be a celebration… one meant to share with your loved ones… and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have homemade preserves to go with them!


Live Well!


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