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Mirror Magic

May 8, 2013

Clients today are, at times a bit timid about asking for mirror work for their homes. “is it dated or tacky?” they often ask. I assure every client that mirrors are always in vogue! Mirrors don’t have to cover the entire wall to get the effect of expanded small spaces and mirrors on the ceiling don’t have to look like a 70’s porn set either!

When you decided to use plate mirror on an entire wall, I can offer a few tips for getting the look right. First, be very deliberate about where the seams will be. You do not want the seam splitting your vision or view. I always take the widest piece of mirror for the center and then, divide the two ends for the smaller pieces. Glass installers will invariably offer you beveled mirror strips to cover your seams. Though I do not rule these pieces out, I say no more often than not. They can, sometimes bring attention to the seam and that is not typically something I want to happen in one of my rooms.

The most modern way of creating an overall mirror effect today is to use multiple large framed mirrors hung in a row. For instance, if you have a large wall in your den, or bedroom or dining room where you want, Drama…start with the biggest framed mirror you can get your hands on. you can actually make mirrors at your local framers. My personal rule of thumb is to make sure that the minimum height of each mirror be taller than me. Now, that may not be saying much because I am only 5′-7″ but, it’s a great place to start! (LOL) Also, keep the number of mirrors you intend to use at an odd number, 3 is better than 2 and 5 is better than 4.

When hanging your multiple mirrors make sure that they are LOW enough. I make a point of height because the majority of people, when hanging art or mirrors hang them too high. So, lets say you are hanging your mirrors on a long wall behind your dining table. You want to make sure that the bottom of the mirror is below the top of the table. Allow the mirrors to reflect everything, even the backs of the chairs. The same goes for your den or family room. If you are hanging your mirrors behind your sofa, let the mirror hang below the back of the sofa. The idea is that you want the mirrors be become part of the room, as well as part of the decor.

And, a little trick that I employ when the budget is tight…if really large mirrors are too pricey, I will buy a grouping of smaller mirrors. You can make the same dramatic statement with say, 4 larger square mirrors that you make with 3 giant rectangular mirrors! You not only get the effect of space from the mirrors but, they also create a secondary grid on the wall with their frames and shapes.

One final pointer…remember that a mirror is only as beautiful as that which it reflects. It should reflect something pretty people! The reflection can be of an outdoor view or a beautiful room or anything that is nice to look at. Finally, for a really WOW effect, try hanging a framed mirror on a mirrored wall!

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