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Style Today: 2022

Updated: May 13

At the New Year we are offered a plethora of advice on how to clean up after the holidays, how to organize every corner and drawer of your home and how to refresh your life to make everything old new again.  I honestly find it all very helpful.  But, what about what is new?  What will design and personal style look like in the New Year and moving forward? 


Trends in home design are on a much longer arch than say, fashion. Home styles do change but, at a much slower pace.  We want our homes to be comfortable and stylish and also lasting.  Personal style usually takes what is popular today and infuses it with intimate pieces or items to make a house a home.  Yet, we still track and talk about those trends and how they affect homeowner’s perceptions and buying habits.  Yes, it truly does come down to getting you to buy more products!  I am here to help you navigate those impulse buys and give you advice on making your space truly yours, and to be as proud today as you can be in years to come.


I travel to most of the Home Markets in North America, Europe and even Asia.  I see what is coming 6 months, a year and 18 months now. Everything for the home is forecasted.   From furniture, lighting and accessories to paint colors and fabrics, there is an everchanging landscape of products to consider.  I can offer some take-aways that may help you make your own choices for your home.


We have had more than 2 decades of everything modern. We have also seen the color gray (or lack of color) covering every surface and material in the home.  Both of those things will continue in their popularity but, the change we see coming is a return to a more traditional/transitional style for the home.  Simply put, it is time to warm up all the stark modernity and give some life to all those neutrals.


Before those lovers of modern design stop reading, let me assure you the idea of traditional design is not what we knew in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  Traditional design today is cleaner and yes, more modern than it was decades ago in its heyday.  There are two schools of thought with traditional style and they involve the use of color & pattern or solids & neutrals. 


The majority of clients we work with are all looking for neutrals.  We advise them to stay away from gray.  The color is lifeless and too many shades on the market and too cool.  In our office, we suggest warm neutrals.  Even white can be warm or cool.  If white is your thing, then I am going to share one of my tried-and-true color selections:


Sherwin & Williams,

Greek Villa



In my vast amount of design experience there is not a more perfect white to use in any home, of any style.  It is warm enough, bright enough and never too cool, or too warm.  Greek Villa will perfectly reflect natural light, man-made light and the colors and finishes of your home.  At Foley & Stinnette Interior Design, we use it almost on a daily basis. Even when using other colors, we specify this color for ceilings, doors and trim. If you are searching for a crisp white, this is your answer.


When it comes to new colors, there are any number of people who offer their opinion for the “Color Of the Year”.  Color is personal and I encourage all of our clients to find the colors that make them happy.  A neutral room is all too often a bland room.  Paint is fast and affordable.   What I can share with you is color forecasting has become a big business. It is too easy to get drawn into the idea that if you are not using the latest color, you and your home are somehow out of fashion.   Nothing could be more untrue.  Use color, explore color, live with color.  It will change your perspective, change your mood and lift your spirit.  Make the effort to find your color. 


As for 2022, we are seeing all tones of gray paint being warmed up.  In fact, Sherwin Williams choice for color of the year is a beautiful shade of gray/green that is just as handsome in a modern setting as it is a traditional or transitional setting.  It works in a living room as well as a bedroom or bathroom.  It might even give you that fresh look for the new year you were hoping for, without the expense of redecorating:


Sherwin Williams,

Evergreen Fog



When it comes to decorating your own spaces, I always ask you to consider what you love.  Those things and those colors you are drawn to are what tells your story. Don’t be fooled by anyone telling you what you should have to be “in style”.  What you love is your style.  Whether you are a modernist or a traditionalist, you home should reflect who you are.  As always, I will remind you to be easy on yourself.  This is not brain surgery, it is decorating.  Have fun, feel your way around and consider all the options.


Happy New Year and Live Well!


Designer Dann


Foley & Stinnette Interior Design


Designer Dann @Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest & HOUZZ.

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