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That's a Wrap! Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Gifts.

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Here’s a thing about me: I love giving gifts.  I also love wrapping gifts.  That moment when you hand your gift to family or friends is one of my favorite components of gift giving.  I absolutely love when I hear “This is too beautiful to open!”  My own mother asks me if my gifts will arrive in time for her annual holiday brunch so that the space under her tree will look truly festive and fabulous! I will share another secret with you: if the wrapping is really beautiful then the gift inside is automatically elevated, no matter how humble the offering.


Something I learned as an interior designer that applies directly to the wrapping question is:  I can take a simple print and when I use beautiful framing and matting, I automatically elevate the piece into a work of art.  This little trick can apply to other aspects of your life as well.  An expensive pair of shoes or a fine handbag can lift the style rating on the simplest of outfits.  In this scenario, I want to share with you my best tips & tricks for wrapping all those gifts you just purchased and now need to get under your tree.


Let’s begin with the offering you thoughts on how to mix different wrapping papers and ribbons on your gifts.  There are some pretty easy self-imposed rules I follow when searching for the right wrapping papers.



  • Mix it up.  Just like your interiors, under your tree will look more festive and beautiful if you include a mix of wrapping paper styles, colors and patterns.  It’s all about layering.

  • Buy what you love.  How many times have you heard me say that before!?  Well, the same goes for wrapping papers.  If it catches my eye, I will buy it.  Depending on the price I might even buy more than on roll.

  • You don’t have to spend a fortune.  I buy the bulk of my wrapping papers at discount stores and chain stores.  Just keep a discerning eye out for what is festive and beautiful.  Remember, just like in your home, it is not about the cost, it is about the style.

  • Keep buying.  I look for and purchase holiday wrapping paper all year long. I am always on the lookout for something festive to put away for next year.  Remember to take advantage of all the after-Christmas sales and stock up!

  • Remain orderly.  I always separate my all of my holiday wrap from the other occasional wrapping. In fact, I put it all away with my holiday decorations. That way I know where it is, it comes out with the décor and goes back in the same place.  So, when I buy papers during the year I also know just where to tuck it away and forget about them.



What really sets off the sights under my tree (or for any gift giving occasion) are really the ribbons and bows.  This is key to making your very best presentation.  Here are some thoughts on bow-making to showcase your gift wrap like never before.


  • Just like the wrapping paper, it is important to have a mix of ribbon. Variety is the key in the overall look.  I not only choose different colors but, textured ribbons can be beautiful as well.

  • Layering your ribbons can make a truly unique gift. I use different widths to layer color and texture.  The wider ribbon on the bottom and a thinner or open weave ribbon on top can make your gift spectacular.

  • If you want to really impress someone, learn how to make a proper bow.  Nothing says, “I don’t care” more than a self-sticking bow. 


So, whether you want to make your gift giving more festive or you want under your tree to look spectacular, it can be as easy as just taking a moment to give your wrap the kind of consideration you gave to selecting that perfect gift.  Not to mention, you will can use them to supplement your Christmas décor and get those gifts under your tree early.


I wish the very best of the holiday season and, as always, Live Well!


Designer Dann


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