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The Big Shake!

Jul 8, 2010

Well, that was quite a jolt we had from beneath the ground here in Palm Springs and Southern CA yesterday! Last I heard, it was a 5.9! Centered about 50 miles outside of Palm Springs, it made the house shake and moan and creak, the living room chandelier sway and the pool water slosh back and forth right up and out the sides! I thought it best to get up and go outside until it subsided. It lasted for about a minute, quite long for a quake here.

Amazingly nothing even fell at home! A few things in the office but, all is well! The ground has been very active in the last six months around here, most especially the last few weeks. I am grateful that mother nature has seen fit to release the pressure gradually instead of in one great rumble.

So, that is my point for today…. FIND YOUR GRATITUDE! Take on AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and you will be surprised how terrific every day becomes and how insignificant problems really are when you are healthy and safe! There is no better or easier way of living well.

Live Well!


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