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The Weekend!

Updated: May 6, 2020

Jul 23, 2010

TGIF! It has been a busy week around the DANN INC offices, so we are all looking forward to the weekend. I love when I get to spend mine at home. You all know that I travel a great deal for my clients so, many weeks the days just run together without any time off. I cherish and selfishly guard my private time and spending that time at home is my favorite! So, how do you live well simply by staying home you ask? That’s an easy one! For me, on this particular weekend I will of course, workout. I will get on my bike as I do most mornings and I will go to Pilates classes. Nothing makes me feel better than to exercise! Nothing says, living well, like taking care of yourself!! Beyond that, I am going to enjoy my yard and desert garden. Yes, I have a gardener. But, part of the pleasure of having a yard is getting out in it. I am very grateful that I don’t have to mow the lawn or do the weeding and trimming myself. If I were going to be totally passive about my yard, I wouldn’t have one. Why bother and why spend the money, right!? Here in the desert at this time of year everything can get very dusty. Without occasional rain to clean things off my beautiful desert plantings of agave, succlents, yucca’s, cactus and the like, can look kind of “beige” from the desert winds. I take a hose and simply wash everything off by spraying it… the plants, shrubs, furniture, umbrella… everything gets a bath! Even the hedge around my yard is sprayed to freshen the color. It’s a total facelift for my yard and I get to appreciate it from inside as well. Everything looks bright and fresh and it cost me nothing! This doesn’t just relate to desert dwellers. Everyone can use this little tip. Here it is, late July and by now most of our yards have lost that sparkle they had when we first planted and placed our patio furniture. Get the hose out and clean off your deck, hose down your furniture and don’t forget to do the umbrella! Take a look at your annuals, clear the beds of weeds and dead flowers. Do the same for your potted flowers and plants. If need be, you can still get a few fresh flowers to add in to keep your “outdoor living room” looking its best…even if you are just looking at it from inside your house because it’s too damned HOT to sit outside! LOL While you are at it, clean your front door! Hose it down, touch up the paint and make sure you don’t have any dead plants around your entry. Hose down the pots and door mat and SWEEP! I am always amazed… and disappointed, when I visit someone’s home and after ringing the bell I stand there and look at dirty worn mats, dirty doors & peeling paint and pots of dead or dying plants… or worse, fake plants!! I hate to be the one to break to you all but, living well does take an effort. It doesn’t have to consume you but, it does require you to actually do something. The suggestions I have given you require almost nothing in terms of money and very little effort. There is so much you can do to live well….heck, if it’s raining where you are this weekend, clean a closet that is in need. You have no idea how good that will make you feel to know you are organized and baby, that is living well!! Enjoy your weekend! I want you all to do something for yourself that does not require you spending money or leaving home…. the list is endless! Then drop me a note and let me know what you did for yourself! Live Well, Dann

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