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Themed Christmas Trees Are Tacky!

Dec 6, 2011

Ask anyone, Designer Dann is THE ULTIMATE XMAS fanatic! Seriously, I start planning my decorations, cards, gifts, food and even my wrapping in July! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

The first question I am always asked is, “What theme is your tree?” I have to be honest, this is not a question I like. My answer is always the same, I don’t believe in “themed” trees. My Xmas tree is the story of my life. In my family, we have always collected ornaments. We gather them from every place we have ever visited. My parents would travel all over the world when I was growing up and my favorites gifts were always the ornaments. I continue that tradition and buy ornaments as memento’s of my own travels. My friends and family buy me ornaments as gifts and I have ornaments

from my parents, grand parents and even my great grandparents.

My tree is truly the history of my life and my family. I put over 600 ornaments of my tree every year! It takes me about 6 hours to decorate it and I unwrap each little item with great reverence and wonder every year…and yes, I even have a good cry over some along the way. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

My advice for creating a beautiful Christmas tree is the same for creating a beautiful room, only use the things you love. Things with meaning, history, desire and deep emotion are the things that last. They are the things with the most meaning. During the Season, I take a few minutes every evening and sit in my living room with only a fire and my tree to illuminate the room. I wonder at the beauty of my tree and reminisce oner the history of each ornament. I revel, even wallow in the good spirit and joy of the Season. I wish each of you the same wonder and delight in your own tree!

Feel free to share your tree pictures on my Facebook wall ( or Tweet them to me (@DesignerDANN).

Merry Xmas, xo, DANN

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