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What Do I Do First!?

Jul 20, 2010

As many of you know, I will be appearing on Showtime’s, The Real L Word, doing what I do best, Designing! Needless to say I have been watching the season progress and getting to know the other girls and their stories just as I have been watching my friends and clients Nikki & Jill.

What has been so interesting to me is seeing how some of the other ladies live. I am going to admit here and now… I have a total crush on Rose! She is a total package of beauty and brains… and even brawn! Damn, that is one sexy woman! I mention Rose as my example because, like other ladies on the show she has no headboard on her bed! And this sensual Latino Lady needs a boudoir to match he sultry looks and nature! It’s as if these girls are living like college students… though I have to tell you I had a headboard on my bed in college!

When I am doing one of my speaking engagements to the general public, one question I constantly hear is, “What should I do first?” What will make the biggest change to my home?” “Where do I begin?” I have several suggestions in response to those questions. Today, I am going to talk about your bedroom.

There is no space in your home more important than your bedroom. It is supposed to be your sanctuary! I have designed bedrooms and bedroom suites that would blow your mind! But, I don’t want anyone to think that their bedroom is not grand enough, big enough or important enough to warrant special attention. Of course, the most important element in any bedroom is….THE BED! The mattress should be of the best quality you can afford. The sheets should always be all natural fiber and of the best quality you can afford. The bed covers and pillows and throw pillows are all just as important to the overall look and feel and ambiance of your room. SO… why would you NOT have a headboard!?

No one knows better than me how expensive beds are. But, that is still no excuse for living like a squatter! A bed without a headboard is not only unattractive, it suggests that you are not worthy of living well. I have seen headboards in retail stores for as little as $99.00. That’s right, $99.00 can change your life!! It doesn’t matter the style, size or color…. I want you to have a bed that you LOVE, that you never want to get out of, that makes you smile when you walk in your room and yes, makes you feel sexy too! You deserve it! We ALL deserve it! So why not make the effort?

Now, don’t even get me started on bad bed skirts…. made from cheap unlined fabric that don’t even reach the floor!!! LOL That subject we will save for later in the BLOG….

Live Well!


PS- Rose give me a call and we can talk about your bed. I owe you one after calling you out here!

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