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What’s Hot This Summer For Fall: FACE IT…BIGGER IS BETTER!

Aug 25, 2011

Well, well, well everyone! Yes, I know a well is a whole in the ground!

Beau and I found bottomless wells at the markets filled with fashions for your home. World Market Las Vegas was the BIGGie on the west coast and we just returned from a VERY busy week shopping for clients. As if I’m the Designer of the Americas, Canada and the world for that matter, I’ve prepared some tips that will open your home horizons as you “feather your own nests” for fall….

First, linen is still HUGE in everything for your home! What I am seeing is, the trend is now morphing by using color, metallics and stenciling on natural linen to give it a fresh PUNCH! Upholstery, draperies, pillows.. you name it and it will be covered in every form of linen imaginable.

Accessories still run the gambit from formal to casual, big to small. Ceramics and porcelains continue to be the strongest purchases for us at Dann Inc. Every size, every shape, every style. I have been buying large scale porcelains, think 24” round bowls and 30” vases in solid colors. What I love most about them is, you don’t have to fill them with anything! They look great just because they are BIG! Sometimes they’re bigger than I am! These babies make a statement.

Think, fewer pieces, better pieces and scale. Value and style always go hand-in-hand at Dann Inc. We worked every possible avenue and dealer at all the markets to ensure our clients the best merchandise at the best price. This is still the most important piece of the buying puzzle these days. I know you will see value in the coming season as these beautiful new products make their way to your favorite stores and boutiques.

Remember, this isn’t brain surgery, it’s just decorating! You can’t get it wrong, so relax and enjoy the process!


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