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10 Tips to Creating the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Apr 1, 2015

I have never met a client who didn’t tell me that they wanted a bedroom as fine as the finest hotel room they have ever occupied.

Everyone wants their room to be luxurious, calming, and restful.

Yes, there are certain guidelines that you should follow in creating the perfect bed and the perfect bedroom. You already know that I prefer to not talk about “should not or don’t” in design so, here are my Top 10 easiest tips and tricks to creating the private space of your dreams.

1. All beds should have a headboard

College students are the few who can get away with this bedroom faux pas. Try an online search for headboards for as little as $69!

2. Love down mattress toppers

I love down mattress toppers! Getting into bed is like lying on a cloud. It also creates a “loft” effect to a made bed, just like those super luxurious designer bedroom displays.

3. Create calm with color and pattern, solids and neutrals

Don’t be afraid of mixing it up.  Use all the tools at your disposal and get creative.

4. Scent is everything

I use both linen spray on my sheets and scented candles in my room every day.  Living well successfully takes all the senses into consideration. Choose your scent from feminine floral to masculine musks; there is something for everyone.

5. Comfortable seating is a must

It can be as simple as a bench at the foot of the bed or a seating area in your room. You want more places to sit than just on the bed. It is an invitation to stay and lounge, relax, and rejuvenate..

6.  Sheets should be beautiful and soft

Thread count is part of our daily conversation it seems, but what most people don’t know is thread count means nothing in relationship to the quality of the thread, which your sheets are made. Look for Egyptian cottons and cotton sateen.

  7. Your comforter should always be inside a duvet

Think of it as going out wearing socks without your shoes. Many luxury duvets have ties inside to hold your comforter in place. If not, try using a safety pin. It works just as well and only costs pennies.

8. Make sure to put all of your lighting on dimmers

This includes bedside table lamps. You can find plug-in dimmers for table lamps at your local hardware super store.

9. Window treatments are important

In the bedroom as anywhere else in a beautiful home. The difference is, I use blackout lining to assure darkness when I want to sleep. You do not have to remake your existing panels. I often add a blackout shade under the existing treatment to achieve the same effect without the expense.

10.  I have never bought a “bed-set” for a client

Your bed is the perfect place to make a personal statement by mixing and coordinating everything that makes you happy.

I blend color, texture and pattern on all the bed pieces from sheets to coverlets, to duvets, to shams, to decorative pillows to tell a story… your story!

Live Well!

Dann Foley, Allied ASID, has been a Palm Springs interior designer for more than 20 years. Dann was featured earlier this year on NBC’s American Dream Builders. His monthly column will focus on trends, what’s hot and design specific to the desert lifestyle. Visit for more information.

Find Dann Foley on Twitter: @DesignerDann


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