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Bagging a Gift Is Like Wearing MOM Jeans

Dec 14, 2011

Wrapping…It is as important as the gift itself! I am a serious believer in presentation.

Duh, I’m Designer Dann! Presentation is everything! I am fond of saying I can serve s#@* on a shingle but, my guest will eat it up because I serve it to them with Flair!

Gift giving is no different folks. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what you are giving, if the presentation has panache! I have a few rules-of-thumb, when it comes to my own gift wrap that I am happy to share with you. First of all, I keep a large selection of Holiday wrapping paper around, every style, color, theme. You don’t have to keep as much wrap as I do but, you should be selective. don’t settle for the first roll you set your eyes on, buy something you like. I buy most of my paper at discount stores like, Target, Tuesday Morning and Homegoods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. (Some would say I’m a Maxxanisto!) Regardless of the store…the price is always right!

Second, you MUST learn to make a bow! Nothing says, “I could care less” than a stick on bow! I wish I could have you all here in my studio and show you how easy it is to make a brilliant bow but, since that isn’t feasible, let me say you can make a beautiful presentation by simply tying a sweet bow like a shoelace.

And then the easier flourish of all, pick up a small ornament to tie into your ribbon. It’s like jewelry for your gift box! Is love it when they are glittery too, they add shine and sparkle! You don’t want to spend more money you say, how about clipping a fresh sprig of holly or rosemary and tie it with your bow! These are small efforts that make a huge impact on those you think enough of to give a gift. Remember, chances are the gift will be under the tree or on the hall table for hours or days before it is opened, let your gift wrap be the one everyone is talking about, I know mine will be! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Notice: There is absolutely no way, no how a BAG would be on me or handed to ANYONE I’d consider giving a gift to! It’s a sign of despicable laziness that you should be ashamed of! Bags and mom jeans are for poorly dressed people…I can only hope I’ve saved you from being one!

Happy Holidays, xo, DANN

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