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Before & After: Canadian Master Bedroom

Updated: May 6, 2020

Jul 2, 2013

My client had this large square shaped bedroom with unbelievable views of the water and mountain ranges beyond in two directions. Forget picture postcard beauty… this is off the charts gorgeous! So, how do you create a luxurious bedroom in a large room with a square shape and not fight or lose the views?

The first thing I did might surprise you but, I painted the walls a deep shade of mushroom and left all of the wood work and ceilings a creamy white. The darker color actually frames and accentuates the view. The amount of light that streams in through the two huge triple windows would never let the room look or feel dark no matter what the color.

The layered silk window treatments are decorative only. They do not block the view in any way but, they certainly add to it and the luxurious feel of the room. We hid shades up inside the window frames for room darkening when needed. I also kept the hardware purposely simple here. There just is no reason (or any possible chance) to over shadow this view!

The square shape of the room and the placement of the doors and windows actually created a bit of a sticky situation. We did move one door to make room for a flat screen tv but, nothing further could change. I began by creating a custom made bed. I layered lush upholstery on the frame and custom bed covers and used the best of the best of bedding and linens. Everything else in the room is secondary to that bed! I then created two separate sitting areas that work in different ways. The first, across from the foot of the bed is a deep daybed for lounging and enjoying the view. I also created a low upholstered screen as a back drop for the daybed’s open back and to shield those lounging from the radiator.

The second seating area is a pair of over-sized bergere style chairs in silk velvet with a large French gueridon table with a marble top in between. Like the daybed grouping, this seating area has a magnificent view and actually sits in a bay window which is framed with the same beautiful silk treatments as the other window.

All of these fabulous pieces sit on a hand woven rug in a multitude of neutral tones including a pale blue or two to play off the silvery blues in the window treatments. The rich wall color and rich upholstery colors and patterns keep the room from becoming too feminine for the man of house and pretty enough to delight his wife.

The result of all of this effort is a magnificent master suite worthy of the incredible views and luxurious enough to make you want to stay home!

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