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Cheap & Cheerful Holiday Make Up Tips: There’s NO EXCUSE For you to LOOK LIKE A CLOWN!

Dec 12, 2011

Ladies, when it comes to your makeup, you want it festive, NOT clown-like!

A smoky eye is sexy. Ruby red lips are sexy. Together they just make you look like hooker! LOL Example below.The trick here is to choose ONE. It’s either the eyes or the lips. Which ever you choose will be fabulous but, the other should be neutral.

Today’s look is more sophisticated than theatrical. Though we all want a little extra “sparkle” for that Holiday party, what you don’t want is to look like a cartoon. And, when in doubt, have a professional apply your makeup. It’s easy and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Plan ahead, call your salon and make the appointment for the afternoon of your party. Here’s a little secret…go to your favorite department store makeup counter and have them apply it for FREE! Just don’t go too soon before your big party!

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