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Designer Tricks To Gift Giving

Dec 13, 2011

Holiday gift giving can be as stressful and dental surgery for some… do what I do????

Keep a stock pile of small hostess gifts in a drawer or in a box in your closet. That way you always have a go-to spot when you need a quick gift. Ok, so you are saying to yourself, “It’s so easy for Designer Dann to say but, a little late for my party tonite.” Well, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for you….

Frames! One of the most given gifts EVER! An easy choice but, there are a few rules to live by. First of all, be sure that the style of the frame actually works with the décor of the house it is intended. Frames may be the easiest gift to give but, they are also the most re-gifted item we receive! LOL To assure your gift frame is received with joy and gratitude, put a photo of yourself with that person in the frame! Don’t have a photo handy? Print a favorite quote or poem or even a picture of your favorite still or landscape. The truth is, it is the picture and the message, not the frame that will be cherished.


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