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Quick Tips On Displaying Photos

Mar 30, 2012

I’m not going to make friends with this observation: Picture frames are the most OVERUSED accessory in home décor today.  Yes, I know that they are an easy way to decorate.  But don’t cheapen your décor.

Follow these guidelines to make sure that your frames work in good taste:

1)    Be choosy with your pics!  You want the picture to be pretty and timeless.  With all of the easy ways to edit pictures today (even iPhones have options!), there is NO excuse for shoddy shots.

2)    Be just as picky with the frames you use.  Even the best picture of you and your beloved will be ugly with a broken or faded frame!

3)    Know that some places do NOT need pictures.  The bathroom, for instance, is a spot where no photographs are necessary.

4)    A great way to make an impact with your pictures?  A picture wall!  Choose a well-lit wall and tell your story…and watch your guests congregate to see the “show!”

PS.  Further proof that a good grouping of pictures can be timeless and effortless?  This picture is from a magazine I was featured in over 10 years ago!  Talk about good style!

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